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Alleviate Back Pain & Fix Your Posture All At Once

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This easy to use device is all you need in order to get your spine straight. Wear it all day and watch your posture correct itself!

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Relieve Back Pain


Increase Lung Capacity


Intelligent 25° Hunch Sensor


Smart LED Display & Sensor

Reasons You Will Love BackMedic


Better Posture In 21 Days

Posture can be a pain to fix. Stretching and strengthening can take years to align your back. BackMedic does it in a few weeks!


Biometric Slouch Detection

The BackMedic's Smart Sensor will automatically vibrate whenever you slouch more than 25°.


Comfortable and Adjustable

The ergonomic design fits the natural curves of the human body. The high-quality material is easy to adjust and comfortable around your shoulders.


Naturally Relieves Tension & Pain

Having a proper posture can help reduce muscle spasms and lower back pain associated with a herniated disc and sciatica. It can also reduce unwanted twisting movements that can cause even more pain.


Realigns Spinal Position

The only way to correct your back is to train your muscles to keep it straight and sturdy! BackMedic is the sure way to accomplish this!


Sleek & Discreet

Stretchy, breathable material makes BackMedic convenient for everyday use. Suitable to be worn over or under work, gym and leisure attire, while still maintaining the ultimate comfort and posture stability.

imagesBuy Now And Save 54%

Long-Term Posture Solution

Proper posture takes the pressure off of vital areas, alleviating back, neck, shoulder and clavicle pain. Experiencing less pain throughout the day can make long working or standing hours easier to get through.


Appear Taller & More Confident

Slouching can reduce your height by 1-2 inches on average. By having a proper posture, you will not only appear taller but you'll look more confident to those around you.


Be Comfortable Anywhere

While you're in the process of correcting your posture, you can wear BackMedic anytime, anywhere. It’s important to wear it consistently, but remember to take it off now and again to test the strength of the muscles in your back!


BackMedic Customers:

It really did not take long to correct my posture!

starsWill G. - Sept 3, 2020

It’s nice knowing that my posture is being corrected while I’m sitting at work. Within just 3 weeks I noticed a huge difference, and felt it too!

imagesYes, I recommend this product.

Amazing Deal For The Price!

starsSteven B. - Aug 29, 2020

Talk about a serious bargain! No more expensive chiropractor visits for me! My pain and swelling have decreased dramatically.

imagesYes, I recommend this product.

Bought One For My Mom Too!

starsKevin S. - Sept 17, 2020

This thing works wonders, I’d give it 6 stars if I could. I almost never slouch anymore!

imagesYes, I recommend this product.

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We Are Sure You Are Going to Love Your BackMedic Posture Corrector

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Frequently Asked Questions
What is BackMedic?
BackMedic is a posture corrector that uses advanced spine stabilization technology to detect when you are beginning to slouch or hunch over. BackMedic will gently alert you to correct your posture as needed. Over time, BackMedic will naturally improve your overall stance and posture, which can relieve back and neck pain as well as make you appear taller and more confident.
How does BackMedic work?
BackMedic is designed to help retrain our neck and backs from our tendency to round our shoulders and hunch over. When you sit with shoulders forward for extended periods of time, the soft muscle tissues tighten across your chest leading to a poor posture. This poor posture is a major cause of long-term back pain and discomfort. BackMedic helps alleviate your muscles so you can maintain a healthy posture free of back and neck pain.
How long should you wear BackMedic for?
We recommend wearing BackMedic for at least 2 hours per day, but we recommend wearing BackMedic for at least 8 hours daily for maximum results. BackMedic is acting as your assistant to retrain your posture, so the more practice you have correcting your posture the faster you will naturally hold a better, stronger posture on your own!
Why is correcting your posture so important?
Having good posture and keeping your spine in alignment are the most important things you can do for your back. The muscles in your neck and back undergo tremendous stress when you are slouching over your desk. Over time, you can develop chronic neck and back pain. BackMedic prevents you from slouching and helps you keep a healthy posture at all times.
Is BackMedic comfortable and easy to wear?
BackMedic is easy to put on and wear. It can be worn under or over your clothes. As you get accustomed to your new posture, you won’t even realize it’s there!
Will BackMedic fit me?
BackMedic is fully adjustable and fits most people! Simply tighten or loosen the straps until they fit snugly on your body, but don't restrict any movement.
Can I wear BackMedic while I sleep?
BackMedic is designed to correct your sitting or standing posture. Since you are laying down while you sleep, we do not recommend that you wear it overnight.
Does it hurt to wear Backmedic?
Not at all! BackMedic is designed to give you a correct posture and feel comfortable at the same time. You should not feel pain or pressure on your shoulder blades or in the armpits. If you feel any discomfort, readjust the straps for a looser fit.
How long does it take for BackMedic to work?
We recommend wearing BackMedic for at least a couple hours per day for one month. You’ll notice a significant difference in that time! Remember, for the best results we recommend wearing it daily for a total of 8 hours per day.
Can I wear BackMedic all day?
Absolutely! You can wear BackMedic during your normal daily activities such as working, running errands, or even while exercising.
How will I know if I have a good posture?
BackMedic will automatically vibrate when it senses that your spine is out of alignment. If you are feeling no vibrations, you have correct posture!
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